MAKING pinterest

Hi. For 2018 I wanted to add something different to my site since it's mainly become my bragging rights place. I like to make things, but laziness, kid, cats, dog, excuses get in the way a lot. This is the place where I am going to push myself to be creative besides just paid gigs. Originally I was thinking of starting an entirely new site but then this am I decided to just keep it here. As many of you who know me I do this every year. A new adventure, a new thing I'm making and think its going to be huge but my follow through is not so great.

So, I'm going to start with making things from my Pinterest "can i make this?" board and a some other boards that think will be fun. I think its a good place for me to start. No pressure, everything is the way its supposed to be. If I wake up clueless, no biggie. If I want to make something original and not inspired from Pins, Go FOR IT Erin!! That's what the voice in my head will be saying. In 2018, no self doubt, only quiet confidence.  Oh and if you feel like sending a job or an inquiry my way Go For it reader!!