Drew Barrymore & SFLY 

This was a fun one. Drew had a special collection that she hand picked ( I designed the pillow), then I styled the rest of the event, including making the Shutterfly product that sits upon the shelves, decorating with pom pom ball garland and a whole lotta  honeycomb decor to mimic a winter wonderland.

Here she is the lovely Drew in front of her super adorable products. I made the letters and created the display pieces.

You can sort of see the ceiling in this shot. It was filled to the brim with hanging white honeycomb delights. The wall on the right was product vignettes that I created and styled with Shutterfly products.

We made gallery walls that lined the hallways to the main event area. I handpicked all the images and created them with Shutterfly products.

Here is Drew standing in front of the step and repeat that was made entirely of Shutterfly stockings.

Here you can see the hanging elements, so fun and whimsical!

I also made the floral arrangements for the parties cocktail tables. They were made with Drew's favorite flowers, peonies.

This is the mirror that came with the location. I tricked it out with different Shutterfly products which all had the same image to create an abstract wreath.